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A form mailer, free or ad-free for all home owners. You have on your website in a form that is to be sent to you comfortable? We have just the right thing for you. The DWFormmailer is a professional backend, which is not only interesting for home owners without CGI or PHP support. The Formmailer handles the transmission of data in a web form as a contact form or cart in an online store have been entered. With our professional, free frontend DWFormgenerator create easily an online shop or their individual form for their website.


DWFormmailer INFO

How to best use the DWFormmailer and integrate it into their website, look at the detailed mounting instructions. more…



Web forms create easily made. Build in 4 steps without any HTML knowledge their own individual contact or online shop. more…

If you want to use the DWFormmailer absolutely free of advertising? i.e. no pop-ups and no advertising messages in the mails. Interested?

or directly to the application (paying.)

At any time the Exchange by purchasing a license in the ad-free (paid) version is possible.
become a partner?

Cooperate with us to increase the merit of their website! They have their own website? We offer a free participation in our affiliate program the opportunity to earn money with minimal effort! You must not use the DWFormmailer (ad-free) itself, to participate in the affiliate program.

-mail Addresses verschlüsselnLesen the following article on how the e-mail can protect or hide addresses before automatic collection robots in the HTML code.

Use our free tool to encrypt their email address!

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